The LongHouse Food Scholars Program

July 17th – July 31st, 2017



What is the LongHouse Food Scholars Program?

The LongHouse Food Scholars Program is a residential, immersive experience that is designed to give the skills for researching, reporting, and creating food stories for print, radio, and television.

 Under the tutelage of working media professionals, scholars create multimedia content—some of which may premier at LongHouse Food Revival (our yearly gathering of food media producers, editors, and writers) or as part of the LongHouse online journal. 

The Food Scholars Program is structured like a newsroom, intense and fast-paced, with distinct deadlines and deliverables. Working with masters of their craft, scholars write feature stories, create online content, shoot and edit slideshows, conduct interviews, gather oral histories, and create online content. They also learn the basics of recipe development, food styling, food photography and pod-casting.

This food media “boot camp” includes daily writing exercises, weekly specialty seminars in recipe testing, studio and location food photography, basic culinary skills, weekly “salon” dinners with food authors, professors and intellectuals, and professional mentoring sessions.

In addition, each scholar is responsible for creating a personal, online portfolio—drawing from this work as well as any additional work he or she may have.

Located in a tiny hamlet in upstate New York, the LongHouse Food Scholars Program will take place:

June 25th – July 9tH or

July 17th – July 31st

This session will include the option for one-on-one mentoring for ongoing projects: books, dissertations, entrepreneurial initiatives, blogs, or websites that students may (or may not) have in development.

The LongHouse Food Scholars Program is highly competitive and selection is based on a passion for food and storytelling, a well-established appetite for learning, and well-stated career goals.

Our mission is to prepare participants for careers in food media, activism, food justice, academia, food writing, and food-related entrepreneurial ventures.

Who Comes to The LongHouse Food Scholars Program? 

Aspiring food writers and food media producers. This program draws on the best and brightest of the emerging generation and supplies serious, hands-on training—necessary to compete and to be employable in a market that requires significant scholarly knowledge as well as fluency in each media platform.

The LongHouse Food Scholars Program offers a unique opportunity to work with multiple mediums and allows scholars to hone their particular interests and talents. In order to allow each group to rev up to racing speed even before arrival, a four-session phone seminar is included in the program. During these sessions, scholars will have the opportunity for one-on-one mentoring with program staff, and with founder, author and journalist, Molly O’Neill.

Past scholars are currently employed by companies that include NPR,, The Weiser Kitchen, Serious Eats,, National Geographic,, Edible magazine, Food 52, Zagat Guide, Sweet Roots NYC, Just Food, and Northside Media in Brooklyn.

How To Apply

The Application period closed May 15TH, 2017.

*please submit your applications to

Applications do not guarantee a spot in the program. This application helps us to customize our staffing and programming to best serve the needs of each LongHouse Food Scholar. The information also allows us to create groups of like-minded scholars in order to support the forging of long-term collegial bonds.